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Installation Guide

In order to use OpenSOAP, make the appropriate selections depending on your objectives.

Execution Environment

To run any applications built using OpenSOAP, shared libraries(lib*.so) or
dynamic link libraries are required.

Development Environment

When developing applications using the OpenSOAP middleware header files(OpenSOAP/*.h) and static libraries(lib*.a or *.LIB) (ie. OpenSOAP API), or when using OpenSOAP applications created by third parties, it may be necessary to compile source code.

OpenSOAP Applications

Web Service applications implemented using OpenSOAP. Sample programs for the basic Transaction Service and Soaping Client/Service tools are included in the package.

OpenSOAP Server

This is the server that implements the special features available using OpenSOAP. The server implements request reception from client, transfer to Web Service program, message management, asynchronous processing, message routing, etc.
Please refer here for details n how to set up the server.

OpenSOAP includes Security module using an SSL library, but this is NOT required for the execution or development environments. If the security features or the SSL library are not required, it is not necessary to include them. However, the Server requires the Security module.

For installation, a pre-compiled ready to run binary package, or a source code package requiring compilation are available. If the binary package for your environment is not available, compilation will be necessary. Please make sure that you have the appropriate compilation tools available.
Please refer here to see the compatibility and compile status for each platform.

Source Code Package

In UNIX type systems (including Cygwin) make is possible by using the configure script.
Please refer here for details.

For Windows systems, project files for Visual C++ 6.0 are included. Please see the documentation for more details.

Binary Packages

Currently the following binary packages are available

RPM (RedHat Package Manager) Source/Binary Package

The package is divided into the following sub-packages. To install 2, 3, 4 the sub-package 1 is required.

  1. Execution environment basic package(opensoap)
  2. Development environment package(opensoap-devel)
  3. Server package(opensoap-server)
  4. Sample programs package(opensoap-samples)

To install, first download the required packages, and then execute the following commands as root.

    # rpm -ivh opensoap-1.0_20030228-2.i386.rpm
    # rpm -ivh opensoap-*1.0_20030228-2.i386.rpm
    (To install multiple packages at once)
    # rpm -Uvh opensoap-*1.0_20030228-2.i386.rpm
    (Use this command to update existing packages)

The binary packages presented here are for RedHat7.3 and 8.0 for the Intel386 architecture. These may not run under other distributions, and if so, rebuild the package using the separate source RPM. In this case, to compile the samples, the opensoap-devel package must be installed, and to do this, first comment the samples section in the opensoap-spec file, then build and install the binary packages (opensoap, opensoap-devel). To build the opensoap-samples packages, uncomment the samples section in the spec file and build the package. The execution procedure is as follows:

    $ rpm -vih opensoap-1.0_20030228-2.src.rpm
    $ cd ~/src/rpm  (current user's %_topdir)
    $ cp SPECS/opensoap.spec SPECS/opensoap-nosamples.spec
    $ vi SPECS/opensoap-nosamples.spec  (Comment out the section enclosed by "#### samples")
    $ rpmbuild -ba SPECS/opensoap-nosamples.spec
    (Build with samples excluded)
    $ sudo rpm -vih RPM/i386/opensoap-*1.0_20030228-2.i386.rpm
    (As root install opensoap, -devel, -server except samples)
    $ rpmbuild -ba SPECS/opensoap.spec
    (With opensoap-devel installed, rebuild all)

Vine Plus Package

OpenSOAP package has been included in VinePlus(2.5/2.6) , a collection of add-on packages for Vine Linux. If you're using Vine Linux, you can find OpenSOAP rpms as following:

  1. Add "plus" to /etc/apt/sources.list (following is the example:)
    rpm 2.6/$(ARCH) main updates plus
    rpm-src 2.6/$(ARCH) main updates plus
  2. You can get the source and i386 binaries by apt (Advanced Package Tool) command as follows:
    # apt-get update
    (update the package list)
    # apt-cache search opensoap
    (search opensoap packages)
    # apt-get source opensoap
    (get the latest source package of opensoap)
    # apt-get install opensoap
    (get and install the latest binary package of opensoap)

Linux (i386) tgz package

This requires the installation of libxml2 and openssl. Unpacking the tar+gz compressed file in the root directory will create the directories /usr/local/opensoap and /home/httpd/cgi-bin, and will copy the appropriate files to these directories. As the cgi-based services require the existence of a HTTP server supporting CGI, the CGI directory can be set to /home/httpd/cgi-bin or the files should be copied to an already existing CGI directory.

    # tar zxvf opensoap-1.0-20030201.linux.i386.bin.tar.gz -C /
     (....Unpack the files)
    # /usr/local/opensoap/sbin/opensoap-server-ctl start
     (....OpenSOAP start up)
    # /usr/local/opensoap/bin/Soaping localhost
     (Soaping Service call verification)
    # /usr/local/opensoap/bin/Soaping -o localhost
     (Soaping Service called through the OpenSOAP Server)

A sample package containing the excution environment,development environment and OpenSOAP Server is available and also contains some sample programs ready to run.

The security libraries(libOpenSOAPSecurity.*) are dynamically linked to, but in Debian and other systems, this library name may not be recognised. Using openssl-0.9.6 execution is possible, so by creating a symbolic link, operation should be possible.

    # ldd /usr/local/opensoap/lib/
   => not found
   => /lib/ (0x40014000)
   => /lib/ (0x40029000)
            /lib/ => /lib/ (0x80000000)
    # cd /usr/lib
    # ls -l*
    lrwxrwxrwx    1 root ..... ->
    -rw-r--r--    1 root .....
    # ln -s
    # ldd /usr/local/opensoap/lib/
   => /usr/lib/ (0x40014000)
   => /lib/ (0x400d5000)
   => /lib/ (0x400ea000)
   => /lib/ (0x40207000)
            /lib/ => /lib/ (0x80000000)

It is hoped that RedHat rpm and Debian deb packages can also be made available in the future.

Microsoft Windows

For Windows installations, the seperately available pre-compiled libxml2 libraries are required. Also, in order to use the security features the OpenSSL libraries are required. Both these libraries have been compiled and verified under MS Windows2000.

  • Development Environmentt
    Being readied

  • Execution Environment
    Being readied

  • OpenSOAP Server
    Being readied

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