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Client Programming Guide

Using the sample "Hello" bundled with the OpenSOAP Package as an example, an outline of how to create a Web Service Client Program using OpenSOAP is described.
Source code : samples/Hello/HelloClient.c

Common Processing

Initialization and termination of the OpenSOAP API

Creating A Request Message

In the "individual processes" above, first a request message creation part is added.
RequestEnvelopePointer:OpenSOAPEnvelopePtr (Ex)request
is prepared, to which is added a Body Block, Name Space, Child Elements etc., to complete the SOAP Envelope.
Using the OpenSOAPEnvelopeXXX Function Group in the Layer<Envelope> , the OpenSOAPBlockXXX Function Group in the Body Block<Body> and below this the OpenSOAPXMLElmXXX Function Group for the Child Elements, the message tree structure can be handled.

Calling The Web Service

Continuing, the created request message is sent to the Web Service and the response reception process is described.
Transport Pointer:OpenSOAPTransportPtr (Ex)transport
contains the necessary information regarding the Endpoint, the SOAPAction, and the called service. The function OpenSOAPTransportInvoke is used to send the request message to the specified Endpoint URL.
Response EnvelopePointer:OpenSOAPEnvelopePtr (Ex)response
contains the response message.

Analysis Of Response Message

With regard to the response message contained within the EnvelopePointer, the Analysis Funtion Group:OpenSOAPXXXGetXXX is used to parse the message.

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