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Service Programming Guide

Here, using the sample "Hello" included in the OpenSOAP package, explain how to create the Web Service program.
Source code: samples/Hello/HelloService.c

Common process

The Initialization process and Termination process of OpenSOAP API are described.

Service registration and execution

In the above "individual process", Service registration and Execution process are described. Service is the combination of a name of the call method (the element name of the first SOAP body block) and a service function which describes the process contents, and is registered by OpenSOAPServiceRegister function. Request / Response envelope pointer and optional arguments are passed to the service function. More than one service can be registered for one service pointer: OpenSOAPServicePtr. A service function corresponding to the method name of the request message is called.

Analyzing request message (in Service function)

In the above service function which received the request and response envelope pointer, the message is parsed by applying the analyzer function group: OpenSOAPXXXGetXXX to the envelope pointer (ex. request) storing the request message.
Using the OpenSOAPEnvelopeXXX Function Group in the Layer<Envelope> , the OpenSOAPBlockXXX Function Group in the Body Block<Body> and below this the OpenSOAPXMLElmXXX Function Group for the Child Elements, the message tree structure can be handled.

Generation Of Response Message(Within the service function)

A response message for the client is generated to return the result of the processing by the service.
To complete the SOAP Envelope, a Body Block, Namespace, and child elements are added to the Response Envelope Pointer. The response is automatically returned to the client.

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