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OpenSOAP File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Block.h [code]OpenSOAP API Block Processing
ByteArray.h [code]OpenSOAP API ByteArray Processing
ClientSocket.h [code]OpenSOAP API Client Socket Processing
CStdio.h [code]OpenSOAP API CStdio Processing
Defines.h [code]OpenSOAP API definition header file
Envelope.h [code]OpenSOAP API Envelope Processing
ErrorCode.h [code]OpenSOAP API Error Code Definitions
Locale.h [code]OpenSOAP API Locale Processing
OpenSOAP.h [code]OpenSOAP API initialization/termination
Security.h [code]OpenSOAP API Security Processing
Serializer.h [code]OpenSOAP API Serializer Processing
Service.h [code]OpenSOAP API Service Processing
Stream.h [code]OpenSOAP API Stream Processing
String.h [code]OpenSOAP API String Processing
StringHash.h [code]OpenSOAP API StringHash Processing
Transport.h [code]OpenSOAP API Transport Processing
XMLAttr.h [code]OpenSOAP API XML Attribute Processing
XMLElm.h [code]OpenSOAP API XML Element Processing
XMLNamespace.h [code]OpenSOAP API XML Namespace Processing

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