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Development Roadmap

This document aims to descibe the current status (as of 2003/3/14) of the OpenSOAP project and outline the future development goals.
  1. Currently each month's release is a snapshot of the development of Version 1.0 and as yet the official Version 1.0 has not been released.
  2. The release of Version 1.0 will support all the goals of the initial project. Projected release date is set for July 2003, and function testing is being carried out to meet this schedule.
  3. New features will not be implemented in Version 1.0. These will be implemented in Version 1.1.
  4. On the official release of Version 1.0, development of 1.1 will begin.
  5. Regarding the implementation of new features, once development of the 1.1 branch has begun, access to the latest source will become possible through a merge to the official development branch (as a development snapshot). See diagram below for proposed branching/merging.
  6. Regarding new features, the implementation of Transport SSL and Basic Authentiaction is to be included.
  7. After release of Version 1.0, bug fixes and enhancements will still be available as 1.0.1, 1.02, ...
  8. Projected release date and function for Version 1.1 not yet available
Blue : Completed Red : Being readied/scheduled Green : Implementation not yet decided
APIServer/Basic services Tools/Packages/etc
End of NEDO Project
  • SOAP 1.1
  • Simple type
  • HTTP/1.0 Transport Support
  • Security API(Independent implementation for handling encrypted messages)
  • API for uthentication Authority
  • Server Synchronous/Asynchronous Processing
  • Intra-Server message transmission processing
  • Transaction service
  • Japanese Language Documentation
  • Message Synchronous/Asynchronous forward processing samples
  • Shopping Transaction sample
  • Transaction samples
  • Security encryption/certificate sample
  • Authentication Authority sample
  • CORBA / DCOM Bridging I/F (+ samlpes)
  • Java Classes (+ samples)
  • Ver1.0
    ('03/07 est.)
  • IPv6 compatible Transport
  • Bug fixes, full function test
  • Ping service
  • Bug fixes, full function test
  • Security compatible Shopping sample
  • soaping command
  • English Language Documentation
  • API Reference (Doxygen)
  • Online manual(manpage)
  • RPM Package
  • C++ Class Libraries
  • Ver1.1
  • Transport extension https, Basic Authentication, HTTP/1.1 compatibility (chunkdata) , Proxy, Digest Authentication, timeout
  • Support for complex types, arrays, structures
  • Extension of API functions (Asynchronous Processing header, Fault path, XML document inclusion, etc)
  • Implementation of hi-level API (Generation of RPC just by calling an object)
  • Handling of Large Objects
  • Long Transaction API
  • Security API : WS-Security Conformity
  • Review of multi-language support implemented through iconv
  • Compatibility with SOAP 1.2
  • Conformity with Business Transaction Protocol
  • Rewrite Server source code using OpenSOAP API
  • Improve logging management using Syslog
  • Long mode compatibility for Transaction Services
  • Server forwarding Trace service
  • Implementation of a transport interface that does not use Apache CGI(including SSL/Access control)
  • Message transfer Conforming to WS-Routing
  • soaptrace
  • WSDL -> C Source Code Generator
  • OpenSOAP Builder
  • Ver2.0
  • CoS API
  • OpenSOAP Directory API + (Dynamic Service Search/Connection Function)
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